SuperBook Review


Founded in 1986, SuperBook is one of the most established sportsbook operators in the industry. SuperBook offers sharp lines, an extensive market depth, and a stellar reputation. The sportsbook was established in Nevada and has since expanded to other US states. Currently, SuperBook is operating in six US states, including Nevada, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Tennessee.

SuperBook offers a wide range of betting options, including standard game outcome wagers, game props, and state-level contests. SuperBook also provides live stats for in-play events. You can also use the SuperBook app to place wagers on the go. The SuperBook mobile app features a clean and user-friendly interface, as well as comprehensive league coverage. It also allows you to use a physical Pay+ card. You can also deposit and withdraw with your Play+ account.

SuperBook is also one of the few sportsbooks that offers player props. Players can wager on a team’s quarterback, total QB passing yards, and other stats. SuperBook’s player props are often better than the competition. For example, SuperBook listed 140 player props for a recent NFL game. These props included a player touchdown, total QB passing yards, and total QB touchdowns.

SuperBook has a reputation for sharp lines and quality customer service. SuperBook’s odds have been quoted by ESPN and other major media outlets. The sportsbook has an extensive market depth and provides risk management services. It also offers multiple events even during off-peak hours. You can also get a SuperBook bonus on your first wagers. You can receive a bonus up to $500 if you deposit at least $10.

You can also play SuperContest Gold, a winner-take-all contest. This is a game where you can enter to win up to $1.5 million annually. Entry fees vary by state. You can participate in SuperContest Gold for as little as $500 or as much as $5,000. SuperContest Gold runs the same format as SuperContest, but is significantly more expensive.

In addition to the SuperBook app, you can also use the mobile version of the sportsbook to place wagers. This version of the sportsbook is a mobile extension of the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas. Westgate has been a leading sportsbook in Las Vegas since 1993. The sportsbook is located at a 30,000-square-foot building with a full bar and virtual field displays. In addition, the Westgate SuperBook offers free Wi-Fi, a private viewing area, and an extensive sports betting menu. The sportsbook’s wagering menu includes more than 30 sports and events, including NFL, NCAA football, college basketball, NHL, MLB, and NBA.

The SuperBook sportsbook is operated by industry veterans who have years of experience in the sportsbook industry. Westgate has been a popular betting destination for mainstream news outlets since 1993, and it’s still one of the most trusted sportsbooks in Vegas.

SuperBook is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the industry, and its sterling reputation makes it a solid choice for betting on any sports event. The company offers more than 20 live streaming feeds, and its odds are often quoted by ESPN.

By AdminGacor88
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